Wish upon a Star ~ Miss Henrietta


Miss Henrietta - featuring Liberty of London strawberry thief fabric and a super soft faux fur cape.

This Wish upon a Star TillyBob decoration is a perfect festive addition and I’m thrilled to be back making again! Following the hugely popular Angel decoration, these beautiful  friends each bring their own little star to wish upon as well as a bag to keep the wish safe. Each decoration measures approx 20cm tall (excluding the ears!), is complete with a set of handmade accessories. Each one is unique, completely handmade by myself, and wears a Liberty Print skirt, cape and bag and holds their magic star.

Each decoration will come packaged in its own hand stamped drawstring bag to save and store your TillyBob.

The decoration pictured is the actual one you will receive and it ready to ship.

It is important to note that the Wish upon a Star TillyBobs are hanging decorations and not intended as toys to be used in play by children. 

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